5 best countertops for your kitchen

If you are thinking of replacing a scratched, stained or an unattractive countertop, then you need to find out the best countertops that are available today for your kitchen. Here is a list of countertops for your kitchen.

1. Quartz

It looks like stone but needs less maintenance. You can get quartz in vibrant colors and patterns that look like marble or granite. One disadvantage of this material is that the edges and corners of quartz countertops may chip, and you will need a professional to fix it. If you buy countertops with rounded edges, then you will be able to overcome this problem. The cost of quartz countertop will be $2,240 to $5,600.

2. Granite

Every slab of granite is unique. It comes with rare colors, and so costs more. Granite won’t get damaged due to cuts, heat or scratches. The edges of these countertops can chip and so you will need a professional to fix the problem. The cost of granite countertop will be $2,240 to $5,600.

3. Marble, Soapstone, and limestone

Soapstone is great at resisting heat damage. You can repair small scratches by applying mineral oil. Limestone has a natural stone look without heavy graining. It resists heat. Soapstone cuts and scratches easily. It is sometimes difficult to remove the stains. Heat can damage marble. Soapstone or limestone will cost from $2,800 to $5,600 and marble will cost $2,800 to $8,400.

4. Laminate

This is an inexpensive material that is easy to install. These are good looking due to the latest printing technology. Heat and stains don’t damage the laminates. If you cut it, then the laminate will be damaged permanently. It costs only $560 to $2,240.

5. Solid surfacing

This kind of countertop is available in a variety of colors and patterns. It can be used for sink, counters, and backsplash which create a seamless look. These materials are resistant to most stains. The cost of solid surfacing is $1,960 to $5,600.

You can shop around to look for various colors and patterns for the countertops. Read some online reviews about each type of countertop before buying one.