Top 4 housekeeping tips for getting a sparkling home

If you want your house to be all sparkle and shine, then you need to concentrate on housekeeping works. In this busy world, we need to work smarter to make time for our housekeeping works. Here are some tips for you.


Clothes can remove dust, but feather duster works best. These dusters are efficient for dusting pictures, blinds, and hard to reach areas. These are good for routing and quick dusting. If there is heavy dust build up, you need to vacuum or use cloth.


Get shiny stainless steel

Stainless steel looks beautiful and stain-resistant. But it also shows smudges and fingerprints quickly. You can pour mineral oil on a cloth and wipe it across the surface. Mineral oil repels water and improves resistance. It prevents sticky materials from attaching to the steel.

Remove smells from disposal

To remove smells add orange or lemon peels down the sink. Run the disposal for 15 minutes and then drop some ice cubes. Then fill the sink to half by putting on the stopper, then drain off the water. This way you will be able to get rid of any smell.


You must vacuum your carpet regularly. The modern vacuum cleaner has many extensions that you can use to clean hard to access areas.


The trick to good housekeeping is cleaning the house every day. That way, dust won’t build up, and it will take less time to clean the house. It will also keep away germs and keep you and your family healthy.